What to Expect

Make Yourself Comfortable
When you walk in you should expect to see people standing around greeting one another and talking about the weeks events. It is our desire to make everyone feel at home quickly so someone will come up and introduce themselves to you. They may ask how you heard about Oxon Hill Church of Christ or if you live in the area. Feel free to take a seat anywhere as there are no assigned seats.

The goal of our worship is to praise and glorify God. We do not have a lot of flash and show, but pride ourselves in simplicity. The worship that you will be a part of a Oxon Hill Church of Christ will be arranged with singing, prayers, a 20-25 minute lesson, and the Lord’s Supper. We do not believe that our worship service is the only thing that makes up church. Church is a group of people who love to be with each other and spend time with each other during the week. The Oxon Hill Church of Christ loves to be together and to worship together. We welcome your participation as you feel comfortable.

We love to sing! You will find that we sing a good mix of traditional and contemporary songs. You are welcome to sing along with us or just listen to the words that are being sung. We sing all of our songs ‘acappella’ that is without accompaniment of musical instruments and we find that this helps in hearing the message of the songs that we sing. It is our desire that we may build each other up through our singing, but that it also be a time of worship to God.

Lord's Supper/Communion
If you visit on a Sunday, the Lord’s Supper will be included during our worship time. We observe the Lord’s Supper on a weekly basis in order that we may continue to be reminded of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. Again, we do this in keeping with the example we see in scripture of the first century Christians meeting to partake of the Lord’s Supper together. We also do it because it is reminding us of the gospel message of Jesus Christ and God’s saving grace through his son on the cross. This time is observed primarily for Christians to remember the covenant they have with God through baptism. That just as Jesus died, was buried, and raised again, we also in becoming Christians died to our old way of life in order that we might be raised up new people in Christ Jesus. The bread symbolizes the body of Jesus on the cross and the grape juice symbolizes the blood that He shed for us.

We believe prayer changes people and we encourage you to participate with us as we pray in our worship service. If you have requests for prayer we want to pray for you so either put it on your guest card or tell one of the members and we will make sure we pray for you. We also encourage you to use our prayer spot on the web. There you will be able to share personal and public prayer requests.

Each week we take a collection for the needs of the church. If you are visiting with us we do not intend for you to give, but this is a time for our members to give to the Lord from their monetary possessions. Of course each week we also give of our time and our life to God. Feel perfectly comfortable in just passing the collection plate on down the row.

Call us at (301) 894-5412or email us if you have ANY questions so we can best serve you!

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